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CBF-Mech Ltd

Registered in England & Wales - Company Reg: 10666537

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Plumbing Contracts

We at CBF-Mech Ltd appreciate that all jobs are different, services remain the same but each job comes with its own difficulties and hurdles. Our day to day works include but are not limited to;

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Hot & Cold Water Services - Pipework, Zip Taps, Water Heaters

Above Ground Drainage - Soil & Waste, Rainwater, Condense

Sanitaryware Installations - Toilets, Basins, Bathrooms, Pre-Plumbed IPS

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CBF-Mech Ltd

Registered in England & Wales - Company Reg: 10666537

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Works: Domestic refurb

Location: Catford

Value: 15k

Works: Office refurb

Location: Dartford

Value: 80k

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Works: Retail Outlet

Location: Canterbury

Value: 140k